Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Logan's Favorite Things

I was fortunate enough to spend the entire summer with my #1 little guy. It was a wonderful summer and I wouldn't trade it for anything!  Logan turned from a baby to a little boy and is beginning to really form his own personality. It is quite hilarious to say the least! 

I haven't posted in a couple of weeks and I have so many things to share with you! I didn't know where to begin so I decided to share some of Logan's favorite things (right now).......

Logan LOVES the pool (and the bathtub)!  He will kick, squeal, and even constantly trying to put his face in the water (first picture). We will sit him on the edge of the pool and he will kick himself in (like the big kids do beside him) smiling and laughing the whole time.

Logan enjoys crawling up, over, across, down ANYTHING!

Logan spends a considerable amount of time at the patio door. When Katy (the god) goes outside, Logan goes to the door.

Brian started this "game" with Logan....  When I am in the shower, he thinks it is funny to let Logan "surprise" me by opening the shower curtain. I will admit it is VERY cute, but he now thinks the bathroom/shower is one of the best places in the house to be.

Logan likes to get into the kitchen drawers so we decided to give him his own drawer filled with toys and  books. He has had this drawer for several months and still loves it. He will sit at the drawer and play with the contents for quite a while.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is a life saver. We have episodes on the DVR and let me tell you, we use them. If I need to take a shower--Mickey Mouse. If I any kind of distraction--Mickey Mouse. We have noticed that when Mickey says, "Everybody say 'Oh, Toodles!'" Logan says, "Ahhh". It is hilarious! I didn't realize he was doing it. I don't remember if Brian or my mom recognized it, but I will try to get it on video for you all. Logan also has a new activity chair. Brian and I had orignially purchased it for a birthday present, but could resist giving it to him early. (He'll never know.....) (By the way, we bought this chair for $12 off Craiglist and it retails for around $130. Hello!!) 

He is getting sssooo big..... :( He is walking ALL over the place (with his arms in the air), standing up by himself, eating some table food, "talks" on the phone (or remote, shoe...he'll pretty much pretend anything is a phone, brush his hair (or try anyway), throws and kicks balls, and still thinks Katy is the best thing ever.

I will try to add videos in the next post. I would have added them to this post, but they are taking to long to upload to YouTube. After a days worth or meetings and evening of Open House, my pillow is calling my name!  I will try to get the videos up this weekend. 


Katie said...

Oh my golly, he is so big and old!!!

Did you get the same lens I got?! I took it out for a more thorough run with my tripod (and no kids!) and I'm liking it more. I'm just so used to getting right into the action that I'm finding it hard to stay 5 feet away from my subjects! :)