Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Land of Unicorns

I have a former Washburn Rural student, Hannah, who has recently become quite famous. So famous, in fact, she was invited to the Ellen DeGeneres show! Now, everyone has a different definition of "fame". Would I want this kind of "fame"? Nope. But, after this video hit YouTube, her Internet "fame" was inevitable. Enjoy!

The Ellen DeGeneres Show visit........
(I have tried reposting this several times and even tried manually changing the HTML dimensions, but I had no luck. The left part of this video is cut off so you may want to click on the video and watch the link. Sorry!)

The Originally Posted Video........

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

8 Months!

Can you believe it? Logan is 8 months today! A lot has changed in the past 8 months for Brian and I, but we love every minute of our chatotic and tiring life! =) This past week was particularly fun as we watched Logan learn how to do this.......
(Logan has decided he and Katy are best friends, but Katy's vote is still out. Whatever Katy has, Logan wants. That includes Katy's favorite toy--the blue dinosaur.)


 He got a little side-tracked...... 

Logan making a mad dash for Katy's toy!

Logan has also decided to try and crawl in the bathtub which is another experience all together!

Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm Back!

5 weeks…….5 weeks! I can’t believe I haven’t posted in 5 weeks! We have been very busy here at the Rankin house, but 5 weeks! I apologize…..

Overall, this weekend was incredibly productive.

Friday: After work, we went in to Manhattan and made a quick Target run, did some serious grocery shopping, drove through Sonic on the way home, and were all in bed by 9:30.

Saturday: We went back to Clay Center for a birthday party, visited both Brian’s mom and my parents, and made it home before the storm. Again, we were all in bed by 9:30. (I finished Big Boned by Meg Cabot on Saturday….eh, it was alright.)

Sunday: We tried out the Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church in Wamego and ate at a Mexican restaurant afterwards. We made a quick run to Wamego’s True Value to pick up dandelion and grub killer, grass seed, and a giant tote for more of Logan’s clothes. When we got home, Logan and I both took a nap while Brian mowed the front and back lawn (we are now dandelion free for at least a day!)........

After our naps, Brian made himself a snack (pre-made cookie dough from a fundraiser).....

.....I made breakfast for the week (Brian’s step-mom Pam’s banana bread recipe).....

.....and supper for tonight (my Grandma Allen’s meatloaf recipe).....

Because it was chilly outside, Brian grilled cheddar brats in the grill while Logan and I played inside.
 Our productive day ended at 6:30 with these two things…....

After Logan went to bed, Brian and I folded 6 loads of laundry while watching The Hills and 16 and Pregnant because our Undercover Boss was not on.

I planned to post this last night, but after I took the picture of Logan sleeping (after Brian told me not to but I couldn’t resist) Logan woke up. And was up until 9. Crying. Because he was tired. But didn’t want to go back to sleep. Brian warned me……….