Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Same Sweet Girls

Today I finished a novel titled The Same Sweet Girls written by Cassandra King. I had originally picked this book up because of the cover (as I do most books) but I am sssooo glad I checked it out. Ladies, this is a must read. I'm not kidding. Read it. I feel like going to Hastings and buying multiple copies so I have them as birthday gifts! The story is of 6 women who met in college and have had bi-annual weekend getaways for the last 30 years. It is told from the point of view of 3 of these women: Julia, Lanier, and Corrine. It is a love story between friends, spouses, and parents and children. Most importantly, these women learn to love themselves. The book is full of happiness, excitement, frustration, and sadness. There were definitely parts of the story that were difficult to read, but I read every word. Slowly. Many times I will read quickly through scenes that don't really advance the plot, but not this time. In fact, I put it down last night because I didn't want the book to end! To say I cried though the last couple of chapters is an understatement....  Cassandra King made me feel like I was sitting in the cabin with these women. I felt like I had known them for 30 years as well.  She answered all of my questions and didn't leave me wondering at the end.

I frequently think of a personality test we had to take in school where the question read, "Do you think about books after you have finished them?" I'll never forget that question. I wanted to scream, "YES! I totally do!"  Well,  I'll be thinking about this book for a long time.


Hays Family 5 said...

It's a very good book. I so wanted those girls for my friends! I was also sad when it ended. That happens to me a lot.

And yes, I think about good and bad books long after I have finished them.

I will never read another Jodi Picoult as long as I live. In fact, I saw her latest and thought--ick, she's at it again.

Cassandra King has another book called The Sunday Wife, which is also a very good read. The main character is a pastor's wife and even though I don't attend the Methodist Church, I learned so much about it. It's pretty accurate according to my Methodist friend.

I am reading The Mermaid Chair, while I wait for my Amazon shipment to arrive. I ordered Little Bee and Tortilla Curtain. Can't WAIT!!

Lisa said...

It is a great book - and I liked The Sunday Wife too. She just needs to write more!