Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009 Review...2010 Preview

Oh Mr. 2010, will you be as memorable as 2009? 2009 was a great year for us in the Rankin house. Here is a quick review of the past year...

January: Brian and I rang in 2009 together at home with a little secret. We had a first sonogram in January (exciting, exciting!), and I started the second semester at my new school.

February: Brian and I heard our secret's "official" heartbeat for the first time.

March: I celebrated my 26th birthday in California with Brian at his dad's house.

April: April marked half-way in the pregnancy! We had another sonogram and enjoyed seeing our little boy on the screen.

May: I finished my first year as a Jr. High teacher!

June: Brian and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary with a trip to KC and a couple nights at Chateau Avalon. The first night we stayed in the Lincoln room, and the second night in the Jesse James room. We had our first 3D sonogram and couldn't believe our eyes! What an amazing machine!

July: Brian and I were able to spend a couple of days with his brother's family when they were back in Kansas. I also had the "huge" honor of standing up with my friend Kara at her wedding. (If any of you were there, you will know what I mean by "huge". Poor Kara...she'll have to look at that all her life...!

August: I started my 2nd year as a Jr. High teacher in the Rock Creek district, and of course the most memorable event of 2009 was the birth of Mr. Logan. I don't think there are any words to describe that experience. I can't wait, but can, to experience it again!

September: Oh September...honestly, this month was a blur. Brian's dad and step-mom visited us at the end of the month.

October: Our little pumkin celebrated his first Halloween,

November: After 5 years at Walgreen's, Brian began a new job at Leiszler Oil Co.

December: Brian, Logan, and I celebrated our first Christmas together! Brian's dad and step-mom visited us, and Brian celebrated is 28th birthday.

Wow! I think I could have sent out a Christmas letter! It was a very memorable year for us!! I have heard with children it only gets better, but I think 2009 will always have an extra special place in our hearts.

This year in 2010, we already have some pretty big events we are looking forward to. A wedding in February... My 27th birthday in March...My graduation in May...Our second wedding anniversary and a wedding in June...Logan's 1st birthday in August...Brian's 29th birthday in December... This year will also be marked with all of Logan's accomplishments. It is amazing how rapidly they develop!

Hopefully your 2010 has started off well!