Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Discoveries

Logan has discovered how to roll and scoot. It is quite amusing actually! Brian and I will put him on one side of the room and before we know it he will roll across the room. Of course, he can only roll in one direction... Most of the time he will roll until he gets under the coffee table and then cries until someone moves him back. Yesterday Brian and I were in our bedroom putting away laundry and Logan rolled into doorway and just watched us. It was too funny!

On his way across the room, he will stop and look for a toy or his pacifier. If he sees one of them, he will push his bottom up and scoot on his face until he reaches it. The poor kid is going to have rug burn on his face before too long!

I am posting a video of Logan rolling across the room. It is a great video because you will see him roll, but you also get to see his interaction with Katy, which isn't much, but is plenty as far as I am concerned. Logan will always just lay there and watch Katy run back and forth. Sometimes he will reach out and pet her, and will even start giggling when Katy chews on her squeaky toy. It's pretty funny! Anyway, back to the video... Three things before you watch this video...1) Logan is upset at the beginning because he lost his pacifier a couple of rolls before. 2)We are laughing so hard because he was tooting while rolling. 3) I know we need to pick up the Wii cords... Enjoy! (P.S. Just turn the volume down so you don't have to listen to my baby talk... From now on Idon't think I'll say a word while videotaping...)


Michelle said...

That is just too cute...when Katy is running around...poor Logan can't keep up with her. He is just getting soooo big!

Stephanie said...

OMG! Logan is getting to be a Big Boy. It just made my day watching that video!! Miss you guys! Give Logan a kiss from Aunt Stephanie.