Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Logan Videos

I HAVE A ONE YEAR OLD!  I can't hardly believe it!  Logan turned one last Friday and we celebrated at Clay Center's zoo park, but before I share those pictures I need to post a few of the videos I promised you 2 weeks ago!  Some of the videos are longer than others, and some of them are long. You can't say I didn't warn you!  (The weird thing is I look at these videos from just a couple weeks ago and think, "Wow, he has changed so much!")

The first video is very, very short, but by the time I had the video camera ready, he was finished. The video is of Logan brushing his hair.  It is funny because if we say, "let's go brush your hair" he knows we are going to brush it with the blue brush. He will grab it and "brush" it himself. (Of course he can't actually brush it quite yet.)

The second video is of Logan dancing. He is definitely and music man. He loves anything that plays music!  In this video, Brian caught him dancing to the Backyardigans (I think that is what they're called...).

Brian and I recently purchased a couple new toys off Craigslist for Logan's birthday; however, we didn't quite make it to and ended up giving them to him that night.... ha ha!  The third video is of his new $10 truck. He is much better at maneuvering it now!! (P.S. Our has is a disaster in this video...Ignore!)

The last video is of Logan playing "catch" with Katy. He has become pretty good at throwing Katy's toy! The chair is one of the Craigslist toys as well. We purchased this Fisher Price Learning Chair in perfect condition for $12!  (It retails for around $120!!  What a steal!)  He LOVES this chair! 


Katie said...

Wow, one already?!

To answer your Q about the CSN reviews - they contacted me out of the blue one day. I almost deleted the email thinking it was spam!

If you send me an email (I don't have yours/can't find a link to it) I can give you some more info! ;)