Sunday, August 2, 2009

Garage Makeover

This past week there was an unusually cool morning so Brian and I decided to take advantage of it and give the garage a makeover. When we moved in we pretty much lined the garage walls with anything we didn't feel like unpacking or putting away. When you only have a one car garage this doesn't leave a lot of wiggle room. We can't believe how clean it is, and keep opening up the door just to look at it! I kicked myself afterwards for not taking a before picture, but I think you can probably imagine. So, you only get to see the "After" photos. Sorry!

Wouldn't our dads be proud?!?!

When we started going through everything we ran across a tote of "gear" we took on our honeymoon! There was a bag of sunscreen, bug sprays, flip-flops, aloe vera, snorkeling gear, etc. Most of this we decided to toss or price for our garage sale, but it was still fun to go through. So, because I didn't have this blog a year ago, I am posting a few photos from our honeymoon in Jamaica.

Brian and I ready for supper:

Every morning when we went to the beach, there was a hut reserved and ready for us. It was ready with a stocked cooler, towels, and decorated with flowers. If we ran out of beverages or wanted a snack we called up our butler on the cell phone the resort provided for us. Sick, huh?!? Here is a picture of Brian lounging in our hut. If you look closely you can see our cooler and our snorkel gear inbetween the chairs. Brian and I decided this is what Heaven will be like!

I questioned my decision to add the last photo (because of the lack of clothing...), but I had to because heck, this is what we looked like 95% of the time we were in Jamaica! Plus, it makes me smile! We couldn't have asked for a better start to married life!