Friday, August 14, 2009

My Husband Rocks!

Every Friday, Katie over at Bring on the Lloyds writes an entry titled "My Husband Rocks!" Every week when I read her entries, I think about what I would write that week if I had a blog. I promised myself if I ever started a blog I would be a copy cat and have these entries as well. So, here it goes...

It is very hard for me to choose one thing to write about. My husband, Brian, is a wonderful guy who I appreciate more everyday, but this week he did something for me that he really didn't want to. He went with me to my breastfeeding class! There were 8 other women there and 5 of us brought our "birth partners". I am sure the other five guys in that room didn't want to be there either! Reasons I wanted him to go with me: 1) Brian's job doesn't allow us to spend a great deal of time together, and last night he had the night off. If breastfeeding class is where we get to spend time together then so be it! 2) The class ended at 9 pm and was in Manhattan. Not only did I not want to drive into Manhattan by myself 2 weeks from my due date, but I really didn't want to drive home alone in the dark. I know...I am a weinie. 3) I truly wanted Brian to hear and learn what I heard and learned. He totally understood all 3 of these reasons and agreed to go with me. You know what? He asked more questions then I did! When we left the class he actually said, "I am glad I went. I learned a lot!" And you know what else? He meant it. For all of this, MY HUSBAND ROCKS! (He also agreed to stop at Tad's for shaved ice on the way he double rocked last night!)
Thanks to Katy Lin over at The Great Adventure for starting My Husband Rocks and for Katie over at Bring on the Lloyds for "letting" me copy your idea!


J said...

What a great idea for a post! I think Brian will be happy to have the information after you have the baby. Often times my husband was the only one around while I breastfed and it was great to have his advice/support. Isn't Tad's the best? I wish you both the best with the upcoming baby. -Jerrilyn Luthi Hendrickson, your old high school teacher

The Chance Family said...

I love the Friday posting idea! How nice of Brian to go with you. I know its awkward for them. Won't be long until baby is here! YEAH!

Katie said...

What a great guy! Seth would have made me promise something in return - like a poker night!

And awesome that you're breastfeeding! I don't think too many women even attempt it now-a-days.

(wow, I didn't realize it's been soooo long since I visited here! sorry!!)