Thursday, July 30, 2009

THE Shoes

We have been cleaning and clearing lately, and today was the garage. While we were cleaning it out, I "suggested" (again) that Brian thin out his tennis shoe collection. The guy had 5 pairs around our household! Of course you need to understand that 3 of those pairs were for mowing... So, I proceeded to hold up the pair that was falling apart and the story began. "Bridgette, these are my favorite shoes... I know Bri... I have had these shoes since my first year in college... I know Bri... Did you know these are the first Shox EVER?... Really?... YES, and I loved them so much I went on Ebay and bought the white pair... Oh yeah, they do match... But these are falling apart... Me: Silence... Alright I'll throw them away but these are the only shoes going in the trash... Fair enough..." I thought we were going to have to bury them out by the garden and say a prayer! To match his sacrifice I cleared out 7 pairs of shoes and 11 purses. That sounds fair don't you think? Yeah right!

In honor of thefirstShoxEVER, I have added a picture for your viewing pleasure...

Here is PART of the damage...

I couldn't leave out the sister shoes...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Dining!

When Brian and I moved into our house last September, we kind of ran out of steam when it came to certain parts of the house. So, we have been working extremely hard on our house this summer trying to complete some of the bigger projects before the baby arrives.

Shortly after we moved in we tiled our kitchen with help from my Uncle Tyler. This is tile I purchased when I lived in my condo in Topeka and never ended up using. No one was happy about moving them to a storage unit and then here, but I liked them and knew we could use them here!

This kitchen tiling project ended up being much more difficult then we expected. We ended up having to raise the cabinets ever the fridge because the fridge was too tall for the opening after the tile was in! We of course wouldn't have even thought of this, but that is why we had Tyler there! Brian and I ended up liking the new height so much we moved the cabinets up on the other side as well. All in all, we are extremely happy with the way the kitchen came out and owe Tyler BIG.
Here is a picture of the finished kitchen:

So, being the realistic people we are, we know a carpeted dining room + kids = disaster. Brian is a carpet shampooing fool, but this would drive us both nuts! We had tile left over so we decided we would just extend it on out into the dining area. Because I couldn't do quite as much this time around, David and Angie Frigon came out to help speed the process along.



Again, Brian and I are really pleased with the way the dining room turned out and are glad David and Angie were able to help. Tiling is definitely a LONG process, but having a couple of other hands to help cut and lay the tile helped tremendously. On the other hand, Katy isn't a huge fan of the new floor. It is like watching a scene from Field of Dreams as she sits on the edge of the carpet not wanting to cross over to the tile. She will just have to find a new racing track!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Blog is Born!

I have been contemplating a blog for quite some time now, but have resisted...until now. I am a blog stalker. Because of this, I spend quite a bit of time daily reading various blogs. This is not something that thrills my husband... This blog is his worst nightmare, but what can he really say when it is actually a class requirement! I hope this blog helps us share family events (and whatever I feel like blogging) with our friends and family.

Disclaimer: Just because I am an English teacher does not mean I won't make mistakes.