Sunday, November 29, 2009

3 Months!

Logan turned 3 months last Thursday, and my blog stalkers didn't barely see any of the 2nd month! So, I am going to try and catch you all up... We didn't take Logan to the doctor this month, but we tried to measure him here at home. Our measurements showed 25 in. long and approx. 14 lbs. He is a big guy! He doesn't have a lot of rolls, he is just big! He has changed so much this month, and is becoming quite the entertainer! Here are a few new things...

Logan still loves bath time and has one every night, but what's new are his conversations with the shampoo bottles. The second we put him in his bathtub he turns right to the bottles and starts smiling and talking to them. It is the funniest thing! Last night he kicked so hard in the water he pushed himself into the bigger part of his tub. He didn't go under but it startled both of is to say the least.

He is enjoying tummy time more and becoming much better at it. He is also much less wobbly when we hold him upright. He has also started trying to sit up. He doesn't really enjoy leaning back so he is constantly trying to sit up. This doesn't work out so well after he as eaten... Hence the bib. Not only do we need the bib for this reason, but he is also discovering that he can spit (which is quite interesting).

Logan has also discovered his tongue and hands. He enjoys sticking his tongue in and out and rolling it around in his mouth (another reason for the bib). Also, when he doesn't have his pacifier available, he chews on his hands which are now red and chapped looking. He has also discovered his voice, but that is for another post....

Logan still loves his swing (Thank Goodness!) and Brian still enjoys watching him swing and talking to him while he is in it.
As for me, I enjoy some good 'ole cuddling. I know he won't want to do it for much longer, so I take every chance I get.

And to my blog stalkers, I promise to post more than once in December...hopefully...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Our Little Pumpkin

Logan was a pumpkin for Halloween this year. It wasn't really a costume, but a pumpkin jumper. We went back to Clay Center and enjoyed handing out candy to kids who trick-or-treated at my parent's house on Fifth street. It was crazy! You looked down the street and it looked like it was a scene out of a movie!
Here is a picture of the cutest pumpkin we have ever seen!
I think this picture is halarious because his chunky face is all smooshed! He is also doing his new favorite thing--riding the horsie!