Saturday, February 20, 2010

Handle With Care

WHY? Well, because when I went to the Manhattan Public Library this was one of the only audio books I hadn't listened to that looked interesting. The MPL also had this book in so I checked both of them out. As I began to listen to it I quickly discovered that each chapter was from a different character's point of view--which I liked. I also liked how the audio tape had a full cast of voices for the different people. When I got home and opened the book before bed, I noticed that each character had their own font--neat. As I got further into the book I thought to myself, "Is this the book Mrs. Hays warned be about?" I decided to go back through her archives and discovered that, yes, it is indeed the book she WARNED me not to read. But at that point I was halfway into it and couldn't stop. There were little twists throughout the story that forced me to go back and re-read certain parts to strengthen the connection--I like that. But just as I was warned, I warn you too. Don't read this book. I finished latelatelate last night and had to re-read the last chapter 2 times to make sure I read it correctly. Are you kidding me?  I was so disturbed by the ending I woke up Brian to tell him about it. I couldn't go to sleep. I was too rattled. If they make this book into a movie, I will not go watch it. I think Jodi and I need a take a break.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Princess Award

Mrs. Hays over at The Hays Crew gave me an award!  The Princess Award. This award is for the readers out there who enjoy a good book. Books....oh how I miss you.... Since Logan has been born, I haven't had much time to sit down and read. My favorite time to read was at night before bed. With Logan in the room, I don't dare turn on the lights and wake him up. (When he is down for the night, I do everything in my powers to keep him down.) But with Logan spending more nights in his crib, I hope to get more reading in! (Is it bad to want your kids out of your room so you can read again...?) Where I read, or shall I say listen to, most of my books is in the car. I LOVE listening to books!  If I am cleaning, I listen to a book. I spend most plan periods grading and planning while listening to a book. If Logan and I are home by ourselves, we listen to a book. If I would put them on my iPod, I would probably work out more...yeah probably not! 

So without further ado, here are the rules (out of order and combined):

1. Name an author you love? and 3. Name some books you love.
Where do I start?  The first author I remember truly loving was Ann M. Martin's Little Sister Series. I think my mom, an avid reader herself, bought me everyone of these books. I read some of actually Babysitter Club series (and still have the game), but really just loved the character of Karen. I used to buy these books from Scholastic book orders or book fairs. Oh book fairs, how I love you.... 

Then, I started reading Lurlene McDaniel books. I swear these are the most depressing books ever!  Someone always has cancer, and someone always dies. I don't know what for sure originally attracted me to these books, but it is probably the same thing that attracts my middle school girls to them--drama. There used to be a little book store downtown where Shoes Etc. is now. I can't remember the name of it, but it sold primarily faith-based books. These books were located half-way through the store on the right, towards the bottom of the shelf. This was one of my favorites...
When I got into high school, I was reading all kinds of books, but usually books with some kind of romance in the plot line. My locker was right by the library doors which made it convenient to check out books. I think I drove the librarian nuts sometimes!  (That may of been because I would sit and chat in the library...) One day she suggested an author by the name of Kristin Hannah. I checked out a book titled Mystic Lake and was hooked! (I just recently read Firefly Lane and it was by far one of my favorite books to date.) From then on, I read every book I could from her.

I then read Coast Road and Three Wishes by Barbara Delinsky. Oh how I love Barbara Delinsky...  I can remember picking these books up and being hooked after the first few pages. These were all books that I told my friend, Kara, that she must read. Kara isn't a die-hard reader, but enjoys a good book every once in a while. When I read something that I know she'll love, I pass along the books to her. Some of them she reads and some of them she doesn't, but I always enjoy recommending a good book!

Since then some of my favorites have been Something Borrowed and Something Blue (and anything else she writes) by Emily Giffin. (I heard the movie rights to these book were purchased by Hillary Swank...) I also really enjoyed A Million Little Pieces by James Frey. (I don't care what Oprah's beef is, I thought it was an awesome story! Memoir, Oprah. Memoir.)

Other than the above mentioned authors, I read anything I can get my hands on my Sophie Kinsella, Nicholas Sparks, Jodi Picoult, Susan Wiggs, Mitch Albom, and the list goes "on and on, and on, and on". (I do read other authors, but these are my first picks.)

2. Name an author who highlights your personality.
I have had this post sitting as a draft for a week because of this question. And I came to a conclusion--I don't have an answer. I do know one thing though--Sopie Kinsella makes me laugh out loud. And I like to laugh.

4. Name something that excites you.
Although the number #2 was difficult for me, this question was not. My baby's smiles. Enough said.

5. Name something you hate.
I hate going underwater in our nasty lake. Frankly, I don't even like to be submerged in it. Period.

Thanks again Mrs. Hays for this awesome award!