Monday, October 11, 2010


I am pathetic. August 31st?  In my defense, the beginning of school has been hectic and completely exhausting. Trying to balance school and home with a lil' man on-the-go has been easy and difficult at the same time. It is surprising how easily I blow off school work/planning to hang with the family. But, that has left my school work/planning piling up. Literally. I, like most teachers I'm sure, have also been battling a pesky cold and sinus infection. I finally feel a little better and like my head is a LITTLE above water at work. A day at school without kids sure helped!  Enough about that.

I have had issues getting my computer(s) to open my pictures of Logan's birthday so when I get that figured out I will get those up (a month late). My mom let me download her's so I can always use those. That would take WAY TOO long to upload to Blogger tonight though. (Has anyone else had this problem?)  However, I did want to share a quick video clip I took tonight of Logan!

Walgreens had a Mickey Mouse pumpkin that Logan couldn't resist...  :) Ok, ok... I couldn't resist for Logan!  He loves it!  Brian had put it out before Logan and arrived home tonight and Logan noticed right away. He started running up to it, yanked out it pacifier, and was pointing and yelling!  It was almost as if he was mad that Brian had put it up without him. It was quite hilarious!  Tonight he was watching it through the front door window so we took him out real quick to see it lit up. It isn't the best video, but we think it's cute. You be the judge. (You can even hear him singing what he can of Mickey Mouse's "Hot Dog" song.)

Logan is really starting to babble to everyone and anyone who will listen. Today he said something to me and then hung his had back and laughed. Whatever he said must of been pretty funny!  Also, while we were outside our neighbor walked by. Of course, Logan started yelling and talking to her. She started kidding around with him and said something like, "I don't speak Russian!" and he just started laughing. It really was too funny!